The Future is in their Hands

What if I told you the future of our society is in the hands of one group of people. One group of people that throughout history, all over the world, are routinely held back based on their gender.

Girls around the world experience a completely different reality than their male counterparts in many parts of the world. Living in the west, it is easy to overlook the vast inequalities that exist between girls and boys.

In many countries around the world girls are disadvantaged from the beginning. Throughout history many cultures have given a preference for a male child, instead of a girl. These practices make being female taboo.  Later on in life if families are short on recourses it is often the boys in the family who will be sent to school and receive an education. There are other circumstances that stand between girls and education. When a girl begins her period and there is not proper hygiene and sanitation facilities available at the school, girls often have to discontinue their education from that point.

These are only a few examples of the fate of being female in some parts of the world.

Let us vow to make a change.

Girls cultivate what you give them. One of my friends recently told me, if you give a women groceries, she makes a meal. If you give a woman a house, she makes it a home. I believe this. An investment in girls will always come back greater than your original investment.

How much longer are we going to keep girls living in the shadows?


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